At all levels–from toddlers to post-grad–Saltillo has a plethora of educational opportunities.

Links here are running on the assumption that parents are looking for schools for their children.  (If some do want information on university-level options, let me know  in the comments!)


Are you looking for public school, private schools, or homeschooling?

Most parents, on first coming to Mexico, sign their kids up for private, bilingual, schools–especially if their child’s Spanish skills are less than confident.  Many parents are pleased with their choice of school, keeping their child enrolled for the length of their stay in Mexico.  Those of us on more modest budgets may begin with private schools, and then transition our kids to public schools as their Spanish improves.  Some homeschool, and are quite happy with it.  As of 5 years ago, it’s perfectly  legal to homeschool in Mexico.  Furthermore, there’s now a small homeschooling community in Saltillo–in Spanish, of course.

Public school options are mostly limited to where the family lives.  If you’re interseted in that option, comment below, or email Jill at   Or, for official information, check out the Secretary of Public Education’s website.  But–I warn you–it’s not terribly informative.

Hundreds of homeschooling options exist, either in the form of on-line classes or mail-ordered curriculum.  Internet searches and homeschooling forums will set you up better there.

For private schools, there is a mind-boggling number of options in Saltillo, particularly in the younger grades.  Options are more limited for high schoolers, but there are still a number of excellent schools to choose from.

Where to Begin?

In the next few months, SaltilloExpats will be compiling surveys from current parents and students from schools in the city, providing a more realistic idea of the climate of the schools than simply the pretty pictures that the glossy brochures present.

Until then, we’re stuck with websites.  In random order:

American School of Saltillo–preschool to high school, bilingual

International School–preschool to junior high, bilingual

Othli–preschool to junior high, a Reggio Emilia school, not bilingual

Colegio Inglés–preschool to high school, bilingual

Oxford Institute–preschool to junior high, bilingual

Colegio Los Pinos–preschool to junior high, bilingual

Escuela Montessori de Saltillo–preschool to junior high, not bilingual, Montessori

Villa Educativa de Saltillo–preschool to junior high, bilingual

Maple Bear–pre-K to junior high, bilingual

Instituto Cumbres/Alpes–pre-K to high school, Catholic

Colegio Ignacio Zaragoza–pre-K to high school, Catholic

Instituto Libertadores–pre-K to junior high, Protestant Christian

Instituto Hemingway–preschool to junior high, not bilingual, before & after school care

Colegio La Paz–Catholic, not bilingual

Instituto Vivir–preschool to junior high, bilingual, Catholic

Instituto Paulo Freire–preschool to elementary school, bilingual