Is Saltillo safe?  

It’s the question on everyone’s mind, right?

But yes, at the moment, Saltillo is safe.

However, do keep in mind that it is a city of 700,000 people, so we do see the type of crime relative to a city of that size.  Cars get stolen, houses get broken into, drunk people do damage.

So don’t flash around wads of cash, give out personal information over the phone, or leave valuables in your parked cars.  It might initially seem depressing, but most houses have bars on the windows–to keep the robbers out, of course, not to keep people in.  However, they do come in handy.

That said, I’ve lived in this city for over eight years and never had any issues.  Here’s hoping that luck continues.


At the Moment?

OK, you caught me.  Yes, at the moment, Saltillo is safe.  Back in 2011-2012, Saltillo was plagued with some of the large-scale organized crime violence that affected the whole country.

It kind of sucked to live here then.

But things have been calm for quite awhile, and again, Saltillo is just as safe as any other city of similar size around the world.

There’s no guarantee things will stay this way.  But there are no signs that things are going to get ugly again, either.



Yes, Saltillo is safe.

Nowadays, I do not hesitate to recommend that people move to Saltillo for safety reasons.

A few years ago, I did advise against it.

However, for the last five years, life has been good here.

Come join us!