Got a great doctor?  Dentist?  Plumber?  Let us know!

Keep in mind, many medical professionals in Saltillo do not employ secretaries.  You may be calling an office phone, or you may be calling a home phone or cell phone.


  • Dra. Mariza Valdes Valdes  485-0585 (just behind Home Depot by Liverpool)

“Instead of immediately filling all thirteen cavities I had (as another dentist with a very large practice wanted to do), she preferred to keep an eye on those cavities.  She´d rather cover them with sealant and protect my teeth, rather than drill holes in them.  She´s looking out for my dental health, rather than making a fat paycheck.”

She also just opened offices in the shopping plaza at HEB San Patricio–right next to Subway, I believe.

  • Dr. Aaron Ruiz–speaks great English!  044-844-4853038 (on Colosio and Musa)          3 glowing recommendations

“Great guy, he is not only my dentist, but became a great friend. He is an awesome guy. He is punctual, honest and does excellent work!!! I trust him whole heatedly!!!”


  • Dr. José Elias Leija Rodriguez  481-5625                                                                                 on Fco. I Madero, across from the School of Nursing by the University Hospital

He´s head of pediatrics at the University Hospital, and often out of the office.  He´s  more likely to be found at the office early in the week in the morning.  Pros:  hesitant to perscribe antibiotics.  Pro-breastfeeding.  (Until the baby turns a year old, and then he believes that baby should be weaned on their first birthday.)  Other than that, no complaints!


  • Dr. Rafael Torres–speaks English!  044-844-139-3969   3 recommendations.

“He is an exceptional vet. His clinical/diagnostic skills are top-notch, his English is more than sufficient, his prices are reasonable, and he is a warm and wonderful person.”

“Even my dogs like him!”

  • Dr. Kevin Rodriguez Garita–speaks English!  481-8778  (on Francisco I. Madero, across from Aguas de Saltillo office).

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