Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                  (currently listed in no particular order)


My partner/spouse is from Saltillo, and I´d like to live there with him/her.  How do I go about getting a job? 

The ease of getting a visa which permits foreigners to work depends a lot on whether you´re legally married or not.  If you´re legally married, Mexican immigration has a number of hoops for potential immigrants with Mexican spouses to jump through, a few fees to pay and–voila–permanent resident visa in hand!  (OK–no government burarcracy anywhere is ever that easy, but compared to what it takes for one to file for a Mexican spouse to live in the US, it´s really astonishingly easy here.)  With that permanent resident visa, the visa holder is legally allowed to apply for any job for which they may be qualified.

If you´re hoping to live in Mexico to get to know a boyfriend/girlfriend better, getting a visa is a bit more complicated.  But no worries–it´s far from an impossible task!  First, the visa applicant has to find a place of employment willing to sponsor the visa.  Then the applicant has to leave Mexico while the work visa is being processed.  This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months.  Once the visa is approved, the visa holder is welcome to work in Mexico, provided that they remain employed with the company that sponsored the visa.

Which companies are in Satillo?

Saltillo is heavy in the automotive industry.  There are a number of assembly plants here and even more automotive suppliers.  The competition for qualified technicians is tight, and Saltillo has come up in national surveys as one of the better places to live in Mexico, principally because of the availability of jobs here.

That said, this is still Mexico, and there is a very real reason why so many Mexicans risk everything to cross into the US.  Therefore, if a foreigner is looking for a job in Mexico, the foreign applicant may have to prove that they have skills that Mexican applicants wouldn´t.  Basically, that means that most foreigners coming without a company sponsor will teach English (or another foreign langauge).

If you´re looking to move here and you´ve been a technician, it´s worth applying to one of the companies that is here to see if they´d sponsor your visa.  The competition for technicians is fierce.  It´s worth a shot.

  • General Motors
  • Chrysler Fiat
  • Freightliner
  • John Deere
  • La-Z-Boy
  • Lear
  • Mubea
  • Wix
  • Johnson Controls

But language schools do love having native English speakers as teachers, so if Saltillo (or anywhere in Mexico) is your goal, teaching English is a pretty good bet.

  • Berlitz
  • Harmon Hall
  • English 2000
  • Birmingham Institute
  • Alianza Frances
  • American School
  • Maple Bear
  • (really, if you´re willing to teach elementary school, the options are seemingly endless)


Is Saltillo safe? 

Saltillo is a city of roughly 800,000 people (according to wikipedia).  While not a huge city, it is a city, and some precautions are necessary.  Lock your car.  Lock your house.  Don´t leave valuables in your car.  Don´t leave valuables visible in your car.  When in doubt, pay for the parking attendant at the paid lot, as opposed to leaving the car on the street.

But as for violent crime, it´s unlikely to find it here.  Sure, it´s possible in a city of this size. But it´s highly unlikely.  In 2011-2012, when the drug cartels were running amok in much of Mexico, Saltillo was affected.  However, we don´t see much evidence of that anymore.









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