What is an expat?

An expat (short for expatriate) is one who lives in a country that is not one´s own.

Given the industrial nature of Saltillo, and the inherent charms of Mexico, foreigners from all over the world call Saltillo home. Some of us are here for a few months, some of us are here for life.

Saltillo is a great place to live, but living in a foreign country can be a difficult experience. Saltillo Expats aims to provide tools to help us make the most of our time here.  Browse the menu to find articles about places to visit in Saltillo, ideas for weekend getaways, and general reflections on adjusting to Saltillo and Mexico.  We´ve also included a calendar to let you know what´s going on in town.

Let us know how we can help!

Furthermore, do you know of something going on in town or have an experience you´d like to share?  Write it down and send it to us at saltilloexpats@gmail.com.  The more we put our heads together, the more effective this site becomes!


****************************************************************                                   We do realize that many of Saltillo´s expats would prefer this page in Spanish.  We´re working on it.  If any native Spanish speakers would like to proofread the Spanish page, please email us at saltilloexpats@gmail.com.   If other expats with other language skills would like to translate the page into other languages, email us, too!



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