Recently, there has been a gas shortage in Mexico City and Guadalajara, and it’s possible that this shortage may be making its way to Saltillo.

Pemex gas station.jpg
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Up until late 2017, the only gasoline that was sold in Mexico was Pemex.  All the gas stations were Pemex.  (It was only within the last few years that they began displaying prices, because . . . well, what was the point?)

Over the last few years, Mexico’s Energy Reform has been incrementally implemented, which paved the way to other gasoline providers, as we see today.  (Posting prices, following market prices for gas, the legal ability to sell gas that isn’t Pemex.)

For far too long, there has also been an enormous problem of people robbing gasoline.  Like, straight out of the pipes, en route to distribution centers and whatnot.

This shortage is the result of trying to get to the root of that problem.  From my understanding, they’re trying to figure out exactly where the gas is being robbed from and who is buying it.

How Does This Affect Me?

Because Pemex’s deliveries are being cut off, that’s putting too much strain on other gas companies’ supplies, so they’re running out, too.   According to the Economista, “the Secretary of Energy is doing everything possible to increment distribution up to 20% in the affected states.”


20%  That’s a problem.

Coahuila isn’t one of the affected states.  Yet.

But we’re already getting rumors of shortages at some gas stations.


So What Do I Do?

Fill up when you can, and limit your travel as much as possible.

Want to be a superhero?  Use public transportation.  Not sure where Saltillo’s buses go?  I’ve got most routes posted here.

In the short term, this is awful for everyone.

But long term?

This is a small sacrifice to fix a HUGE problem, a problem whose solution will benefit everybody.  So keep your cool, keep a healthy perspective.  We’re all in the same boat–this affects everyone.

So have patience.

Don’t panic.  If your kids can’t get to school, because there’s no gas to drive them there, chances are huge that most other families can’t get their kids to school, either.  The same theory applies to jobs.

Hopefully, this will blow over fairly quickly.


Gas station photo courtesy of Magister Mathematicae on Wikicommons

Gas pump photo courtesy of SkitterPhoto on


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