I stumbled upon maps of many of Saltillo’s bus routes!

This HAS to be shared!

For those looking to hop on a bus for the first time, it costs $11 a ride (July 2018).  So yes, if you have more than 2 people, getting a taxi is more economical.  There are discounts for prepaid cards, students with prepaid cards, seniors with prepaid cards, and handicapped people with prepaid cards.

For full disclosure, I found the maps at transparencia.saltillo.gob.mx

Can’t find the route that runs by your house?  Maybe transparencia.saltillo.gob.mx will have it!  (We can hope.)

Or, hop on a bus and see where it takes you!



ruta 8 morelos directaruta 13Aruta 13BRuta 14Ruta 18 ColoniasRuta ArteagaRuta Los Valdez


2 thoughts on “Bus Routes Explained!

  1. Woah, I have always wondered about this! Since I’m not a local, I found the bus system to be a try and see where it takes you or know what areas are called to actually know… This is super helpful!


    1. Thanks! I’ve always wanted to know where they went, too, and I also thought that the whole “get on and see where it goes” idea was the only way to find out. Glad it isn’t so complicated and time-consuming!


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