I´ve heard a number of people recently be bewildered about “how many holidays” we have in Mexico.

Now, I haven´t done an exact count (I will soon), but I´m willing to bet that the US has just as many holidays as Mexico.  They simply fall on different days, and if you´re not expecting them, I understand how they can catch one off guard.


When do standard days off fall?

Days in bold are official holidays, and if one has to work on those days, holiday pay is legally required.

January 1–New Year´s Day

February 5–Constitution Day (now observed the Monday before the 5th)

March 21–Benito Juarez´s Birthday (observed the Monday before the 21st)

Thursday and Friday of Holy Week (before Easter)

May 1st–Labor Day

May 10th–Mother´s Day (doesn´t matter which day of the week the 10th falls on, nearly everyone gets off on the 10th)

May 15–Teacher´s Day (only schools are closed this day, most other people have to work)

September 16–Independence Day (some companies give both the 15th & 16th off)

November 2–Day of the Dead (lots of people do have to work this day, but then they´re                                entitled to holiday pay)

November 20–Anniversary of the Revolution (observed the Monday before the 20th)

December 12–Guadalupe Day (in this part of the country, it´s not observed much.  But                                    elsewhere in Mexico, most companies have Employee Appreciation Day on                              the 12th with open houses at the factories (no work))

December 25–Christmas Day

So if your housekeeper is asking for a paid day off and you think she´s crazy, check the list–I bet she knows her holidays!

(Note:  if you know that you´ve had a conversation with me on this subject, you´re right.  Its not just you.  I´ve had this conversation with a LOT of people in the last few months!)


OK, so the official count is that Mexico has 10 official days off–not counting Guadalupe Day, Teacher´s Day, those little non-obligatory ones.  The US has 8 official days.  So I guess you´re right.  Mexico has more.  But not by much.

(Unless we count President´s Day and Martin Luther King Day as two seperate holidays.  However, since most people don´t get them both off, I lumped them together.)

January 1st                                                                                                                                     President´s Day/Martin Luther King Day                                                                                 Good Friday                                                                                                                               Memorial Day                                                                                                                                     July 4th                                                                                                                                               Labor Day                                                                                                                           Thanksgiving Day (and the following day)                                                                               Christmas Day

(While I´ve checked with my husband AND the 2015 Labor Calendar, please do correct me in the comments section if you see that I´m wrong or forgot a holiday.)


2 thoughts on “So Many Holidays!

  1. Actually there are only 7 official holidays according to the law (Ley federal del trabajo, Art. 74): Jan 1, Feb 5, Mar 21, May 1, Sep 16, Nov 20 and Dec 25. Plus Dec 1 every six years when the President takes office. Most companies will also give the Good Friday off. I never worked in a company that gave off the other days, but it varies.


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