Unlike other areas of Mexico, Saltillo does experience changing seasons.  Coming from the northern US, it took me awhile to catch on, as the change of the seasons here is much more subtle than it is there.

014  The one sign that says “fall” to me here in Saltillo is the arrival of the butterflies.  Monarch butterflies, en route between their summer home in Canada to their wintering grounds just north of Mexico City, pass right through Saltillo.

And they are passing through this week.

On Tuesday, I was getting down about seeing the clouds and fog roll in again.  Then I looked up, and saw five monarchs fly right over my patio.  Why worry about the rain tomorrow when I can enjoy the monarch butterflies today?   020

So if you´re feeling a little down, look up.  Catching just a glimpse of those orange and black wings in sunlight makes me catch my breath.  They´re so fragile, yet they fly thousands of miles.  Within a butterfly´s lifespan, they surely can´t make more than one round trip, can they?  Yet they all meet up together in the mountains in Michoacan.  How do they do it?  They´re downright awe-inspiring.

Be inspired.  Look up this week.


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