Ecotianguis–Saltillo´s market for all things natural and locally-made

This last Saturday, I wandered my way over to the ecotianguis, or Saltillo´s market for all things locally-made and natural.  It´s been one of my guilt-free Saturday pleasures off and on for a few years, ever since they opened the market outside of Avemed.  Currently, it´s located in the Biblioparque Norte.  However, in December, they´ll move to a new (yet undisclosed) location.  And there, they´ll be open every day–not just Saturdays!  Just in time for holiday shopping.  😉

100_5375  The ecotianguis is tucked away behind the tennis courts and soccer fields at the Biblioparque Norte.  These temporary premises are constructed with used pallets, clueing us into the organic nature of this market.  The back side of the market has a few raised vegetable beds and a composting bin.  After their move, the ecotianguis will continue this garden at the Biblioparque Norte, in addition to other classes they offer at the park.


Entering the ecotianguis on the right, brightly tableclothed makeshift tables and mismatched handpainted stools greeted us.  The food vendors occupy this corner.  About 6 seperate vendors offer quesadillas, tamales, corn, enchiladas, and a wide variety of drinks and desserts.

100_5352                 100_5347Chilango-style corn and piña colada cake?  I think I will!

Past the food vendors, the remaining tables offer a variety of gifts, jewelry, skin products, organic fertilizer, soaps and essential oils, cheese, honey, organic eggs, pecans, apple licqueur, agave syrup, chia seeds, and amaranth–a little something for everyone!

Since I was being obnoxious with my camera, I chatted up nearly every vendor last Saturday.  They were all invariably friendly, and a few didn´t hesitate to make sure we got the most of our experience, in both English and Spanish.  From the little I saw, they were a supportive community, ready to draw our attention to a spectacular product that a colleague sells.  Given small size of the market and the variety of the products sold, collaboration seems to be the name of the game, as opposed to competition.

100_5368      100_5370

So this holiday season, if you´re looking for those “made in Mexico” gifts to take home to family and friends, why not go a step further and shop at the ecotianguis for some high-quality “made in Saltillo” gifts?  Your loved ones then receive a useful and well-made present, and the money you spent on it stays right here in Saltillo, strengthening our community.

    100_5369     These essential oils and a gorgous line of homeade soaps are made by a fellow expat and her saltillense husband.  Find them on facebook or at


Fresh cheese from the town of General Cepeda–a mere half hour away and famous for its cheeses!

100_5364 Agave syrup (a great sweetener, particularly for diabetics, I´m told) and amaranth.  Next to them was a table touting superfoods!  Superfood Man distributes an information-packed booklet on the wonders of superfoods, along with selling bags of superfood mixes.  It looked like a great addition to granola, smoothies, etc.

100_5363 Gifts for your favorite Frida Kahlo fan.

100_5360   Homeade crafts

100_5359 Beautiful wooden puzzles with a sweet message inside.

100_5358 Refrigerator magnets with great sayings.  I may have to buy the one that says,”I don´t have the strength to give up!”

However, “Here lives a lovely lady and an old grouch” is pretty tempting, too.

100_5357 Natural bug repellant

100_5356 Homeade soaps listing the benefits of their ingredients.

100_5353 Apricot jam

   100_5351 The patio of the ecotianguis.  This space is used for a number of events, classes, and talks.  I´ve seen a drum circle here, and I believe they had introductory yoga classes here every so often.

Update:  The ecotianguis will sponsor a Christmas bazaar on December 6th, from 10am to 5pm.  If any crafters or those with goods to sell would like a table, the cost is $150.  Otherwise, join me shopping at the ecotianguis that Saturday!


The ecotianguis is open every day from 10-5.  I believe they have more offerings on Saturday, but they do offer yoga and other classes during the week.

Click on this link to friend the ecotianguis on facebook.  That way you can be in the know about any programs they offer.

Where is it?

Abasolo #3335, corner with Montes de Oca (across the street from Colegio Cumbres)


Chin Up, Buttercup

Unlike other areas of Mexico, Saltillo does experience changing seasons.  Coming from the northern US, it took me awhile to catch on, as the change of the seasons here is much more subtle than it is there.

014  The one sign that says “fall” to me here in Saltillo is the arrival of the butterflies.  Monarch butterflies, en route between their summer home in Canada to their wintering grounds just north of Mexico City, pass right through Saltillo.

And they are passing through this week.

On Tuesday, I was getting down about seeing the clouds and fog roll in again.  Then I looked up, and saw five monarchs fly right over my patio.  Why worry about the rain tomorrow when I can enjoy the monarch butterflies today?   020

So if you´re feeling a little down, look up.  Catching just a glimpse of those orange and black wings in sunlight makes me catch my breath.  They´re so fragile, yet they fly thousands of miles.  Within a butterfly´s lifespan, they surely can´t make more than one round trip, can they?  Yet they all meet up together in the mountains in Michoacan.  How do they do it?  They´re downright awe-inspiring.

Be inspired.  Look up this week.