IMG_1177  Despite being surrounded by desert, Saltillo is officially labeled a temperate zone (according to information at the Desert Museum).  This temperate zone extends into the neighboring county of Arteaga, making it a perfect area for apple orchards.  Have you noticed the huge crates of “Saltillo apples” at HEB?  Yep, they´re from Arteaga.  In this part of the country, it´s tough to get produce more locally grown than that!

IMG_1185  For an afternoon excursion out of town, consider Los Lirios, smack in the middle of apple country.  It´s about a half hour outside of Saltillo.  The drive itself makes the trip worthwhile, winding through the pine-covered mountains, skirting orchard-strewn valleys.

IMG_1183  There´s not much to the town of Los Lirios, but there are crates of apples for sale on every corner–honey, too.  The streets are narrow and more people drive through the town on the weekends than those streets were meant to handle.  So drive with patience.  Or, better yet, park and walk around.

100_5195  Restaurants seem pretty nonexistent in Los Lirios.  But they certainly have plenty of corner stores, so a light picnic lunch is easily found.  To be sure of a hearty meal, stop at one of the cabrito stands in the town of Arteaga first, before getting on the highway.

Enjoy the quiet, enjoy the views, enjoy the apples.



How does one find Los Lirios?

From Saltillo, take Fundadores out of town, towards Arteaga.  Keep heading east, past Arteaga (unless you decide to stop for cabrito, of course).  Head south on Highway 57, toward Mexico City.  After maybe 5km, take the exit to Los Lirios (watch out for northbound traffic on 57 when exiting).  Then meander through the valley for about 23 km.  Los Lirios is about 5 streets big, but the road goes straight through town, so it´s hard to miss.

If you continue on the road (turning left when the road dead ends in town), that will take you to the Cliffs of Insanity and (much farther along) to Cola de Caballo.  Those are also great trips, but deserve their own post.



Photo disclaimer:  while orchards are easily seen from the road, the orchard owners are not likely to be happy about random tourists wandering through their orchards.  We were invited to a friend´s orchard last week, which is why I was able to take the orchard pictures.


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