Welcome to Saltillo Expats!

If you´ve stumbled onto this page, welcome!

We´re in the very early stages of organizing Saltillo Expats.

If you´re looking to move to Saltillo, we´re hoping to have some helpful information on here sooner rather than later.

If you´re an expat already living in Saltillo, we´d love your input!

At this point, if you have questions or would like to get connected, email us at saltilloexpats@gmail.com.


We do realize that many of Saltillo´s expats would prefer this page in Spanish.  We´re working on it.  If any native Spanish speakers would like to proofread the Spanish page, please email us at saltilloexpats@gmail.com.   If other expats with other language skills would like to translate the page into other languages, email us, too!